Preventative Massage Therapy

Nobody likes injuries.  If you’re at all active you know the challenges that an injury presents.  Taking time off from your activities and exercise, rehabilitating the injured muscle, and trying to live a fairly normal life with a compromised muscle can be frustrating at best.  A preventative massage therapy program can help you avoid injuries before they occur.

Prevention Through Massage

Sports massage can aid in preventing injuries by keeping your body’s soft tissues activating properly. During vigorous workouts, your muscles experience a level of exercise – induced trauma and inflammation in the form of micro tears.  This is normal and given proper rest, the muscles will rebuild, making them stronger.  Often, due to schedule issues,  we don’t have the opportunity or time to allow for natural healing, so sports massage can help heal the muscles and reduce inflammation by doing what the body would naturally do on its own, only in a more accelerated process. Helping to actively relieve tension in a muscle improves range of motion and since a tense muscle will tear more easily than a relaxed muscle, massage therapy reduces the chance of a tear considerably.




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