Active Sports Enthusiasts

Perhaps you’re the weekend warrior.  You play in an organized basketball league, work out at the gym, and live a fairly active lifestyle.  An injury would not just be annoying, but would sideline you from your lifestyle.  A regular massage therapy program will both enhance your performance on the field and help prevent injury.  A regular massage therapy program helps relax soft tissue and promote healthy blood flow, keeping you in the game longer.
All types of athletes can benefit from an integrated sports massage program. Whether your immediate goals are to become a better competitor or heal from a sports injury, a specially designed massage therapy program can help you get on the path to success.

Rehabilitation and Healing – Massage therapy can assist in rehabilitating many common sports injuries including strains, sprains, “pulled muscles”, shin splints, tennis and golfers elbow, piriformis syndrome, frozen shoulder, knee issues and many more. Studies have shown that athletes utilizing massage therapy for acute injury rehab have a reduction in pain thus limiting the amount of dangerous pain medication. An athlete will also experience improved sleep and less anxiety leading to a better overall focus.

Enhancing performance – Sports massage helps and athlete perform better physically and mentally. Many athletes reported feeling improved range of motion, less anxiety, less distracted, all witch leads to better focus. Injury prevention – In addition to Rehabilitation, sports massage can aid in preventing injuries by keeping the body’s soft tissues activating properly. During vigorous workouts, an athlete’s muscles experience a level of exercise- induced trauma and inflammation in the form of micro tears. Sports massage can help heal the muscles and reduce inflammation. Tense muscles tend to tear easier therefore if an athlete’s muscles are relaxed there is less chance of injury.